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Howey, David A d.howey at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Jul 13 09:50:52 CDT 2005

This is what I was suspecting... I've never been able to 'just install'
emacs on windows without having to install a whole bunch of other
things. It starts to feel like linux-land!!! :-)

Unrelated question: has anyone used pycrust instead of ipython or idle?
Is it better/worse for scipy/numpy/matplotlib type stuff?

Uuugh the volume of python related stuff flying about it massive. I'm
just trying to get my head around it. At least with matlab you get an
integrated editor, command line etc.  All wrapped into one package.
Having said that, it aint open source, is it!


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On Wednesday 13 July 2005 10:24 am, John Hunter wrote:
> If you already like emacs, emacs + ipython are a great combination 
> that work well together.  You can, for example, configure ipython and 
> emacs so that from ipython you can do
>     In [3]: pwd
>     Out[3]: '/home/jdhunter'
>     In [4]: edit test.py
> and have test.py appear in a emacs buffer in the running emacs 
> session.  Never tried this on windows, though.

I think you need gnuserv to make this work on windows. This link looks




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