[SciPy-user] pycrust

Ryan Krauss ryanfedora at comcast.net
Wed Jul 13 10:02:56 CDT 2005

As long as you use the TkAgg backend, I was able to use matplotlib and 
scipy with pycrust:
import pylab
from scipy import *

The only catch is that once you show() your plots, you have to close 
them all before you can do anything else in the command window (because 
gui_thread doesn't work).

While pycrust and its variants form a nice environment, the editor 
associated with them is pretty plain and the history mechanism isn't 
persistant (i.e. it doesn't remember commands after you close it and 
restart it).


Howey, David A wrote:

>This is what I was suspecting... I've never been able to 'just install'
>emacs on windows without having to install a whole bunch of other
>things. It starts to feel like linux-land!!! :-)
>Unrelated question: has anyone used pycrust instead of ipython or idle?
>Is it better/worse for scipy/numpy/matplotlib type stuff?
>Uuugh the volume of python related stuff flying about it massive. I'm
>just trying to get my head around it. At least with matlab you get an
>integrated editor, command line etc.  All wrapped into one package.
>Having said that, it aint open source, is it!
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>On Wednesday 13 July 2005 10:24 am, John Hunter wrote:
>>If you already like emacs, emacs + ipython are a great combination 
>>that work well together.  You can, for example, configure ipython and 
>>emacs so that from ipython you can do
>>    In [3]: pwd
>>    Out[3]: '/home/jdhunter'
>>    In [4]: edit test.py
>>and have test.py appear in a emacs buffer in the running emacs 
>>session.  Never tried this on windows, though.
>I think you need gnuserv to make this work on windows. This link looks

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