[SciPy-user] Enthought python

Joe Cooper joe at enthought.com
Sat Jul 16 15:42:35 CDT 2005

It will probably not play nicely with Python installations of the same 
major.minor version (i.e. any 2.3 version), but it can exist alongside 
other Python revisions (you have to figure out the path issues, however, 
and decide which python is your default python, and if it is not the 
last python installed manually configure the associations and such).

The 2.4 release that I'm currently working will play nicely with 
existing Python installations even of the same revision, in the sense 
that it will get its own directory and won't interfere with existing 
registry entries.

It will pretty much do as you've described in the current version (add 
to or overwrite existing), but I'm not making any guarantees that 
everything will work on the other end of the process.  You may end up 
reinstalling some of your python modules anyway.

Anyway, I think you can do a rollback with our installer...so if things 
really go horribly wrong, you could do a rollback uninstall (just don't 
touch anything in the Python23 directory before you know the stuff you 
/need/ to work is working after the installation) and it should take you 
back to where you were before you installed.  Maybe.  I'd back up 
C:\Python23, anyway.  ;-)

Ryan Krauss wrote:
> Does anyone on this list know if the Enthought Python win32 installer 
> will play nicely with my existing Python installation?  I am trying to 
> get mayavi installed and the Enthought installer was recommended to me 
> as the easiest way.  I am getting ready to do that, but don't want to 
> end up essentially reinstalling every Python package I have ever installed.
> The ideal behavior would be for the Enthought installer to only add 
> packages and probably overwrite the ones I have already installed and 
> leave everything else alone.  Is this what will happen?
> Thanks,
> Ryan
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