[SciPy-user] Re: Enthought python

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu_r at users.sf.net
Wed Jul 20 08:31:54 CDT 2005

>>>>> "Ryan" == Ryan Krauss <ryanfedora at comcast.net> writes:

    Ryan> Alright, we are getting close.  I added C:\Python23\scripts
    Ryan> to the windows path and moved the dll there (I don't think
    Ryan> it was already there), and now tesk_vtk finishes correctly.
    Ryan> v.Render() # Re-render the scene.
    Ryan> (Aftter running the preceding portion to generate the data.)

    Ryan> The visualization pops up but so does an error message that
    Ryan> says: ERROR: In
    Ryan> C:\aap\src\VTK\Rendering\vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow.cxx,
    Ryan> line 216 vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow (0x06592F70):
    Ryan> wglMakeCurrent failed in MakeCurrent(), error: The requested
    Ryan> resource is in use.

Great, atleast we have something that atleast displays something on
screen.  I've never seen this error but think I've seen similar
messages on the VTK mailing list a while back.

How exactly did you run the example?  Did you use IPython or IDLE or
the vanilla interpreter?  It looks like a threading issue.

    Ryan> I was getting this same error last night at home.  I had
    Ryan> installed EntoughtPython and the above example worked out of
    Ryan> the box.  But as soon as I updated either Ipython or
    Ryan> Matplotlib to the current versions, I started getting the
    Ryan> above error.

If you are using IPython, Enthought's IPython icon starts ipython as
ipython -wthread -p enthought or something like that.  MayaVi is a
Tkinter application and does not work too well with ipython -wthread
(even with the -tk option).  SO try running Ipython as is without any
extra options and see if that helps.

    Ryan> Thanks again for your help Prabhu.  I think we are getting
    Ryan> close.

Yes, I'll try and create a new ZIP file and fix the
vtkRenderingPythonTkWidgets issue this weekend.  I am not sure why you
get the wglMakeCurrent error.


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