[SciPy-user] scipy for win32 and python2.4 - howto ...

Sebastian Haase haase at msg.ucsf.edu
Wed Jul 20 18:53:01 CDT 2005

I was ready to build scipy for windows with python2.4 ...
I have got the (now free!) Microsoft compiler VC7. I have been using it for a 
month or so on a couple of projects. I did the necessary tweaking for 
 1) before I can even start: "setup.py build" complains about many things nor 
being available:  
  1a) I think I can ignore fftw - for now ...
  1b) I downloaded the ATLAS source - but that seems to be "tricky"  (seems to 
be meant more for linux)  ==> I thought for the py24 build one should be able 
to just reuse whatever was done for py23 - ATLAS and LAPACK and BLAS - 
right ?     Can someone make those available ? 
  1c) f2py ... is that available as binary ?

2) Really I'm mostly (only) in need of the plt module (for now).  Is there an 
easier way in this  case ?

I read that the free (optimizing!) MS compiler is now generally preferred over 
the cygwin/mingw solution - supposedly better performance... 
Further info is here ("Python 2.4 Extensions w/ the MS Toolkit Compiler" 

Sebastian Haase

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