[SciPy-user] 2D interpolation from a set of irregularly spaced

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Thu Jul 21 10:40:55 CDT 2005

Hey Eric,

We recently wrapped toms 526:

    Algorithm 526: Bivariate Interpolation and Smooth Surface Fitting 
for Irregularly Distributed Data Points

        It is available here:          http://www.netlib.no/netlib/toms/526
        Algorithm paper info here:     

The wrapper is "good enough" for what we needed, but hasn't gotten the 
attention it needs to go into SciPy yet.  So, I've attached the code as 
a zip file.  If you are on windows, the binaries are included for you.  
Otherwise, run setup.py. 

    Here is what I usually do when testing:  setup.py build_ext --inplace

example2.py provides an example of using the algorithm. 

There is also a png file showing a plot of the results from example2.py.

hope that helps,

Eric Emsellem wrote:

> Hi again,
> Robert Kern provided me some input with a link to Scientific Python 
> (thanks!)
> ==> However this is again using an ORTHOGONAL GRID!
> The set of points I am using are NOT on an orthogonal grid but are 
> RANDOMLY positioned points...
> So any idea on how to interpolate a set of randomly positioned x,y ??
> (so I have three 1D arrays: x, y for the positions, and z for the 
> values. I need to know z at other positions...)
> Thanks
> Eric
> P.S.: please cc to my email too.

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