[SciPy-user] DASSL in SciPy

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Jul 27 13:06:19 CDT 2005

Ryan Gutenkunst wrote:
> I'm somewhat of an f2py newbie, but I recently wrapped up one new 
> integrator. (LSODAR, and I'd love to see that work make it into the 
> SciPy core.)
> I also have a half-completed wrapper of DASKR 
> (http://www.netlib.org/ode/), which is a successor to DASPK 2.0 that 
> adds root-finding. I ran into some mysterious problems, but haven't 
> spent too much effort on them yet. Zhiwen, I'll contact you off-list in 
> a day or so. Maybe we can work together to get it working well and 
> design a convenient interface.
> In terms of getting things into SciPy, I'm not at all familiar with the 
> process, or what conventions exist. Is there a set of developer 
> documentation with guidelines, etc? Or will one of the devs hold my 
> hand when it comes to tweaking the wrapper for SciPy inclusion? :-)

Look at the xxx module in the scipy sources.  That's what I used recently to 
guide myself into how to make a new project scipy-compatible, so that once 
it's ready I can just drop it into the scipy sources without a single change. 
  Note the presence of special dirs and files for docstrings and unit tests: 
this ensures that the automated scipy machinery picks them up for you.



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