[SciPy-user] where can I get latest source?

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Jul 29 11:52:24 CDT 2005

samar khatiwala wrote:
> Hello
> I would like to acquire the most recent source code to compile on darwin
> (OS 10.3).
> The source from: http://www.scipy.org/download/
> does NOT compile on my machine, and looking at past postings on the
> mailing list and the error messages I get, the solution seems to be to get
> a more recent version from the CVS repository. But the CVS server has been
> down for several days and no one has replied to my posting regarding that.
> Can anyone suggest alternate places to download the code from. Or better
> yet, perhaps some kind soul has a recent CVS snapshot and can stage it for
> me to download.

CVS is in the process of moving over to SVN, so it will be down today.  In the 


I just made this, and I _think_ it has the latest CVS, since I had updated 
just before the server went down.  In any case, it's missing at most one or 
two last-minute changes.



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