[SciPy-user] PSP python (was crashing python)

Victor Reijs genietdev0 at iol.ie
Sun Jul 31 17:54:43 CDT 2005

Hello Robert,

That helped! Thanks. It now looks to work. I will do some more testing.

All the best,


Robert Kern wrote:

> Victor Reijs wrote:
>>   File "C:\Python22\Lib\site-packages\scipy\optimize\lbfgsb.py", line 
>> 33, in ?
>>     def fmin_l_bfgs_b(func, x0, fprime=None, args=(),
>> NameError: name 'False' is not defined"
> Oops. Looks like we introduced a Python 2.3 dependency. You can just 
> change False to 0.

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