[SciPy-user] Scipy for Python2.4

Razafindrakoto Jean Claude JeanClaude.Razafindrakoto at axa-cessions.com
Tue Jun 7 02:42:59 CDT 2005

I am running Python on Windows XP. Is it OK to build Scipy from source on
this platform ? As I didn't do it for previous versions, is there any
pointers to build procedure on Windows XP.


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|Ruchi Mittal wrote:
|> Is there any updated Scipy version available to use with python 2.4.1.
|There are no binaries distributed from scipy.org for Python 2.4.1, yet.
|However, Scipy builds from source just fine with Python 2.4.1.
|You didn't mention what platform you are on. If you are using a
|distribution of Linux or some other UNIX-alike with a package management
|system, then it is possible that someone has already built a Scipy
|binary package against Python 2.4.1. You will have to look for it where
|you usually look for such packages.
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