[SciPy-user] ATLAS and Regression in SciPY

Tom Denniston tom.denniston at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 09:14:17 CDT 2005

It seems that people have begun exposing atlas functions to scipy but
the work is incomplete.  I did:
for instance and got back the following:

glm(data, para)
    Calculates a linear model fit ... anova/ancova/lin-regress/t-test/etc. Taken
        Peterson et al. Statistical limitations in functional neuroimaging
        I. Non-inferential methods and statistical models.  Phil Trans Royal Soc
        Lond B 354: 1239-1260.

    Returns: statistic, p-value ???

It seems like if the routines were exposed more thoroughly and the doc
was a little better it would be a strong competitor to the excel
regression functionality and the matlab stats package.  Is anyone
working on this?   Is there another package I should be looking at

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