[SciPy-user] Scipy and ipython and Aquaterm

Zhiwen Chong zhiwen.chong at elf.mcgill.ca
Tue Jun 21 01:29:37 CDT 2005

On 19-Jun-05, at 5:33 PM, Robert Kern wrote:
> That's utterly bizarre. It works just fine on my system. The port  
> isn't broken, but something on your system is.

Yeah, tell me about it. I've been pulling my hair out all weekend.  
But it seems I'm not alone.

Apparently my problems may have had to do with the fact that I  
selected "upgrade" when I installed Tiger over my existing Panther  
installation (although I do remember uninstalling all my development  
tools before upgrading). People with virgin Tiger installations  
reported having no problems compiling the ports.

Grr... this means I may have to uninstall and reinstall the dev tools  

> You could try installing Darwinports' libtool.

Didn't work -- error in libtool prevented Darwinports' libtool from  

> You could also try changing the default gcc version to 3.3 using
> $ sudo gcc_select 3.3

First thing I tried.

Thanks for your suggestions though. I guess I just have to fiddle  
with my installation a bit.

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