[SciPy-user] Tiger and scipy

Brian Granger bgranger at scu.edu
Wed Jun 22 01:59:26 CDT 2005

Hello all,

I wanted to see what the status of scipy on Mac OS X, 10.4 was.  I  
just installed the CVS version of scipy on Tiger, but I had to use  
gcc 3.3 (sudo gcc_select 3.3).  I got the same error that others have  
seen when I used gcc4.0.  Any word on how to resolve this problem  
with gcc4.0?

Also, I have been playing with the bdist_mpkg command that comes with  
py2app (from the PyObjC project).  This makes it nearly trivial to  
build a double clickable Mac installer for scipy.  Has anyone else  
done this yet?  Also, has anyone made installer packages for the  
other dependencies (g77 and fftw) yet?  With a little work, it should  
be possible to have a single metapackage for scipy that make  
installation on a Mac trivial.  Anyone else interested in helping  
with this?



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