[SciPy-user] scipy tutorials

Matt Fishburn fishburn at MIT.EDU
Mon Jun 27 06:46:07 CDT 2005

Janet M. Swisher wrote:
> Matt Fishburn wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I've written some basic scipy tutorials, located at:
> Wonderful! Feel free to post these on scipy.org (e.g., in a user 
> folder). Mind if link to them (either on scipy or mit) from the 
> Documentation page?

For now, please feel free to link to the main page.  A copyright/linking 
section should be going up within the week that has information on 
linking to various sub-pages (I'll e-mail you when it goes up).  I need 
to check with another person about linking directly to the tutorials, 
but I believe it should be okay.

Gary Ruben wrote:
>> Hi Matt,
>> First, thanks for producing and advertising the existence of these.
>> I thought I'd try your Echo Cancellation tute. A few problems I found:
>> I had a quick look at the DTMF tute. Since, this contains plotting 
>> instructions, I assume it is intended to be done before the Echo 
>> Cancellation tute. This needs commenting or at a minimum reordering of 
>> the links on the webpage.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Gary R.

Thank you for looking over both of the tutorials.  I've fixed the errors 
in the echo cancellation tutorial, the typo in the DTMF tutorial and 
reordered the two tutorials on the site.  I'm starting to write a wave 
tutorial about importing and exporting sound files that I hope to post 
later this week.  This is complicated enough to warrant its own tutorial.

-Matt Fishburn

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