[SciPy-user] help building scipy on Opteron 64 bit

Leila baghdadi baghdadi at sickkids.ca
Tue Mar 1 16:30:34 CST 2005

Hello everyone,

I am new to this so bear with me!

I have been trying to build scipy on our Opteron machine (linux
enterprise 3, gcc 3.2.3) and had no success,

I searched the mailing list and found the link about optimization and
gcc version

and decided to only build blas and lapack and see if I can get the
correct answer for the example that is given in the above link

I tried  with gcc 3.2.3 and no optimization and had no luck

I then build a local copy of gcc 3.4.3 and tried with/without
optimization and still have no luck 

my answers are


whereas the above link gives 

at this point I am unable to proceed simply because I have no idea what
to do, according to the above link gcc 3.4.3 should solve the problem
but I am not sure why it does not do it in my case.

any help/hints is greatly appreciated.


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