[SciPy-user] Re: [SciPy-dev] Future directions for SciPy in light of meeting at Berkeley

Colin J. Williams cjw at sympatico.ca
Wed Mar 9 14:15:54 CST 2005

Stephen Walton wrote:

> I think splitting scipy up into multiple subpackages isn't such a good 
> idea.  Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I find CPAN counter-intuitive, 
> hard to use, and hard to keep track of in an RPM-based environment.  
> Any large package is going to include a lot of stuff most people don't 
> need, but like a NY Times ad used to say, "You might not read it all, 
> but isn't it nice to know it's all there?"
Debian has a nice package management system with a GUI (aptitude) to go 
on top of the basic apt.  This keeps track of  and enforces pakage 

Colin W.

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