[SciPy-user] Re: [Numpy-discussion] Current thoughts on future directions

eric jones eric at enthought.com
Thu Mar 10 11:54:17 CST 2005

There are no plans to abandon Fortran.  SciPy will still rely on it 
heavily.  We're only talking about making some core features here 
available as python + C to make them easily buildable by the widest 
group of people.  Everything else will still use Fortran the same way it 
does now.


Stephen Walton wrote:

> Can I put in a good word for Fortran?  Not the language itself, but 
> the available packages for it.  I've always thought that one of the 
> really good things about Scipy was the effort put into getting all 
> those powerful, well tested, robust Fortran routines from Netlib 
> inside Scipy.  Without them, it seems to me that folks who just 
> install the new scipy_base are going to re-invent a lot of wheels.
> Is it really that hard to install g77 on non-Linux platforms?
> Steve Walton
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