[SciPy-user] OS X build problems with non-Apple python -- diagnosis and solution

Zachary Pincus zpincus at stanford.edu
Fri Mar 11 23:11:30 CST 2005

>> The gist of the error is that g77 reports "couldn't run 
>> `/usr/local/bin/undle-gcc-3.4.2': No such file or directory". This 
>> problem turns out to be due to the (insane) fact that g77 has a "-b 
>> MACHINE" switch that is only honored if it is the first element on 
>> the command line.
> Oh, *fantastic*.

Yeah, isn't that great.

> I think the answer to both of your problems is to keep the "-undefined 
> dynamic_lookup" first for both framework and non-framework builds. 
> Google says it should work for Fink Python, too.
> Try current CVS, please, and report back.

A current CVS checkout compiles perfectly and tests without errors. 
Thank you for your quick reply and fix! I really appreciate it. (Now I 
can get to that fitting of splines that I always wanted to do...)


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