[SciPy-user] Plot vectors at specified (x,y) locations?

Gary pajer at iname.com
Sun Mar 13 16:49:36 CST 2005

Zachary Pincus wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm wondering if anyone knows a good way to plot (preferably with 
> xplt, but anything will do) a handful of vectors, given the vector 
> magnitude (u, v) and position (x, y).
> Now, xplt can plot a vector field defined over a quadrilateral mesh, 
> but I don't need to plot a whole field of vectors! Figuring out how to 
> take a list of arbitrary (x, y) locations and convert that list into a 
> quad mesh where the nodes of the mesh are on the original points is 
> not my idea of fun, so if there's any way to do this otherwise I would 
> be most interested.
> The basic idea here is that I want to plot the track of an object in 
> (x, y) and then plot velocity or acceleration vectors at various 
> points along the track. This should be simple, right?
An alternative that has this functionality (and is very easy to use) is 
Visual Python:  www.vpython.org
If you haven't already, you might consider it.


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