[SciPy-user] stats newbie question

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu Mar 17 15:28:24 CST 2005

r help wrote:
> hi
> it is version 0.3.2.  however ive looked over the
> debian bug system and this error has been logged
> against the debian package python2.3-scipy.  it has
> been closed; the problem is that the fix hasnt
> propagated down to my distribution yet, so this is not
> a problem with scipy but with the debian package.  the
> fix is simply to comment out 'import pstats' in
> stats/__init__.py, which ive done and so far it seems
> to work.  thanks anyway!

Debian recently removed the profiler package for licensing reasons, you need 
to get it separately.


I had to patch ipython to handle this problem myself.



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