[SciPy-user] building scipy

Jens Brandenburg jens_brandenburg at gmx.net
Thu Nov 3 05:36:48 CST 2005

hello again,

>I presume you are running the older version of scipy, but you should 
>make that clear.

I've downloaded the "Complete SciPy 0.3.2 Source Tarball" from
http://scipy.org/download/ and I hope this is the newest version somehow...

>Are you talking about "python setup.py install"?

Yes, I do. Sorry, for having been unclear... (Somehow the Python command
came to my mind... ;-)

>Which version of gcc are you using?

I use gcc-4.0.2_20050901-3, F2Py-2.45.241_1926, Python-2.3.5,
IPython-0.6.15... Well, I hope this will take us a little further.



PS.: Maybe someone would like to explain to me what this scipy_core is all
about?! Do I still need NumPy?

Jens Brandenburg 

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