[SciPy-user] MemoryError in scipy_core

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Fri Nov 4 15:22:40 CST 2005

Chris Fonnesbeck wrote:

>In the course of moving PyMC from Numeric to scipy_core, I am running
>into some pretty serious memory issues. For those of you unfamilair
>with PyMC, it is simply a Bayesian simulation module that estimates
>model paramters by iteratively sampling from the joint posterior
>distribution of the model, and saving each sample to an array. Under
>Numeric, I could safely run several hundered thousand iterations of
>pretty complex models (i.e. lots of paramters) without trouble. Under
>scipy_core, PyMC hogs most of the system resources (you really cant do
>anything else while its running), and crashes after just over 10K
>iterations, under a pretty simple model. Here is the end of the

I just ran scipy's testing suite through valgrind.  I found a couple of 
small items.   I don't think they are related to what is happening here.

I'll keep looking.  I'm still interested to know what version of scipy 
core you are trying..


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