[SciPy-user] arr.type() becomes arr.dtype - BOTH in scipyCore AND numarray !?

Todd Miller jmiller at stsci.edu
Fri Nov 4 16:57:14 CST 2005

Sebastian Haase wrote:

>Also I always need to thank Todd et al. for numarray which we are using for 
>about 4 years now.
I'm glad you found numarray useful.

>I was following - I thought - all the postings here, but I don't remember when 
>and what the reason was when a.type() changed  to a.dtype (also there is a 
>"dtypecode" somewhere !?). Any reference or explanation would be great.
>I have to say that the (old) parenthesis where always quite "annoying" ! ;-)
>Question: does the way allow assignments like "a.dtype = Float32".
>What does it do ? If not, is it raising an error (I had 2 different people 
>yesterday who tried to assign to a.type here in our lab ...)
>Also is this now completely supported/tested and suggested for numarray ? (For 
>the time numarray is still separate)
I'm adding support for some of newcore's new interface features out of 
desire to make it easier to migrate.  Our intent is to make it possible 
to write newcore code and run it on numarray now as newcore matures.   
Not every newcore feature is going to be supported,  but we'll make an 
effort to support those which are easy to implement.   Let me know is 
there's some newcore idiom you want to use that numarray doesn't have yet.

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