[SciPy-user] scipy.ndarray as Numeric array?

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Nov 9 15:47:52 CST 2005

Giovanni Samaey wrote:

>Hi all,
>is it possible in some way to pass a scipy.ndarray as a Numeric array to
>other functions?
>I am using scipy together with mpipython and the mpi communication
>protocols there
>assume that what is being communicated is an array.
>How would I be able to perform a cast?
Yes, if you use Numeric 24 or greater (Numeric will construct a Numeric 
array from the scipy array using the array interface).   The CVS version 
of Numeric is the best code so far.  There will be a Numeric 24.2 in a 
couple of days to fix some 64-bit bugs in Numeric 24.1

>(An unrelated question -- will there be integration of parallel
>programming tools in scipy in some
>future -- near or far? )
Definitely in full scipy.   It is definitely a topic of interest.  I saw 
some good talks at SciPy 2005 on it. 

There were some tools like cow in scipy before the switch.  The cow 
subpackage has been moved to the sandbox area  because it has not 
received attention for a while.  There are some newer tools emerging to 
replace cow.  I'd like to see them in scipy before long.   They are 
avaialble as separate packages already.
I don't recall the names immediately.  Go to the SciPy 2005 
presentations and you will see a few talks of relevance.


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