[SciPy-user] qz decomposition how to?

Sven Schreiber svetosch at gmx.net
Fri Nov 11 08:58:28 CST 2005

total Scipy newbie here -- I have tried to find an answer on the web and user guides, but I'm a
little lost in different versions etc. So here goes:

Is it possible to perform a QZ (alias generalized Schur) decomposition with some pre-built Scipy
version? (preferably on Windows, but I'd be also glad to hear about other options) Relatively
low-level Lapack accessing would be ok; btw as far as I understand that would be lapack functions xGGES.

Currently I have windows Enthought Python 2.3.5 installed (uninstalled previously used Python 2.4 to
hopefully have all the Scipy tools fitting together).

Thanks much for your time and help,

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