[SciPy-user] Scipy, FC4 and g77

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Sat Nov 12 21:19:07 CST 2005

Rick Muller wrote:

>I'm increasingly frustrated by the difficulties in building Scipy on  
>FC4. I've gotten a lot of very useful help from members of this list,  
>but I still do not have a working version of the entire program. This  
>has kept me from moving my software (PyQuante, a python quantum  
>chemistry suite) from Numpy to Scipy, despite all of the nice goodies  
>that Scipy offers.
You realize you don't need a fortran compiler to install scipy_core, 
right?  You should be able to convert from NumPy to ScipyCore without 
the fortran compiler issue.

Now, if you want the additional code of full scipy, then the fortran 
compiler is needed.  I think gfortran is not capable enough yet, and so 
you need to use g77.  Can you install gcc 3.3 on FC4 and just use that 
to compile g77?

I know, for example, that some people on MacOSX use gcc 3.3 instead of 
4.0 because of some issues with additional features the new compiler is 
trying to support but not quite getting.


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