[SciPy-user] scipy installation

Mohammad Moghimi m.moghimi at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 13:49:55 CST 2005

Windows XP Prof, Or Linux SuSE 9.3 Prof. I couldn't install it on neither of
two operating systems.
What are these packages? I mean blas/lapack/atlas/fftw.
can you tell me where can I download them?
for example I have tried to get fftw from www.fftw.org
<http://www.fftw.org>but I can't find any python version there?

On 11/13/05, Nadav Horesh <nadavh at visionsense.com> wrote:
> Which OS? Do you have blas/lapack/atlas/fftw libraries installed?
> Nadav.

-- Mohammad
do you Python?!!
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