[SciPy-user] building scipy

Jens Brandenburg jens_brandenburg at gmx.net
Tue Nov 15 09:26:41 CST 2005

Hi SciPy users,

Because I have to rebuild Python and SciPy I decided to build the new
SciPy... But some (maybe stupid) questions came up: Where can I get current
SciPy and SciPy_core packages? This "svn co
http://svn.scipy.org/svn/scipy_core/branches/newcore" and "svn co
http://svn.scipy.org/svn/scipy/branches/newscipy" doesn't work for me at
all... don't know why - respectively if I look to
http://svn.scipy.org/svn/scipy/branches/ I just find v0_3_2 wich seems to
indicate that SciPy-0.3.2 is the current version?! So, I loaded SciPy and
Scipy_core down from http://www.scipy.org/download/ but "python setup.py
install" in the newcore directory fails returning:

numpy_info: NOT AVIALABLE

But after the last answer of Travis I thought that I don't need the Numeric
package anymore... Okay, you see I'm really confused now... Help! ;-))



Jens Brandenburg 

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