[SciPy-user] Problems with scipy_core-0.4.2.win32-py2.41.exe -- tofile

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Nov 16 14:28:32 CST 2005

Paul Hofstra wrote:

> Hi Travis,
> First of all, I made a mistake on the version. I have this problem 
> with the latest version 0.6, not with 0.4.2.
> I tried x.tofile("C:/test.dat") and it fails in the same way (Python 
> crashes)
> Best regards,
> Paul

Thanks for clarifying and for pointing this out.  This is an issue with 
the binary.  I'm using mingw32 to compile the binary which was not 
linking against the right library for Python 2.4.

It works right for Python 2.3, however.   Hopefully, the issue has now 
been fixed in the SVN version of scipy_core (along with a fromfile bug 
too..)  Compiling on windows is not too difficult. If you want to try 
it, I can guide you along.  Otherwise, you can use the Python 2.3 
version (but fromfile may not work right) or wait for another release -- 
probably 2-3 weeks.



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