[SciPy-user] distutils help

Jim Vickroy Jim.Vickroy at noaa.gov
Thu Nov 17 12:56:08 CST 2005

Hello Ryan,

I just looked at one of my working files, and the only difference I can 
see is that I explicitly specify a target directory name for the files 
in the first element of the tuple.  For example:


You may wish to give that a try until someone more knowledgeable responds.

-- jv

Ryan Krauss wrote:

>I am trying to package my Python+Maxima+Latex symbolic stuff and I am
>having trouble understanding the distutils documentation.  I want to
>include a README.txt file that will be there when you unzip the source
>distribution.  As I understand the distutils documentation this should
>be a data_file.  Here is my setup.py script that isn't working:
>#!/usr/bin/env python
>from distutils.core import setup
>      version='0.1',
>      description='Utilities for processing textfiles',
>      author='Ryan Krauss',
>      author_email='ryanlists at gmail.com',
>      url='http://www.imdl.gatech.edu/ryan',
>      package_dir = {'': '/home/ryan/rwkpython'},
>      packages=['textfiles', 'textfiles.latexlist'],
>      py_modules = ['rwkmisc','rwklist'],
>      package_data={'textfiles.latexlist': ['example.tex','example.py']},
>      data_files=[('', ['README.txt']),],
>     )
>setup.py is in a different directory than where the modules are
>actually located.  The README is in the same directory as setup.py. 
>The README doesn't show up in the manifest and is no where to be found
>when I unpack and install (I actually copied it to all the directories
>I thought might be possible and it still didn't work.  I also tried
>putting it in a doc folder relative to setup.py and changing to
>What am I doing wrong?
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