[SciPy-user] good python books

Jordan Mantha mantha at chem.unr.edu
Fri Nov 18 00:24:43 CST 2005

Robert George Mayer wrote:
> On Thursday 17 November 2005 09:27 pm, Ryan Krauss wrote:
>> My parents are asking for Christmas gift ideas.  Can anyone recommend
>> python books that are worth owning - especially technical/scientific
>> ones or advanced ones.
>> Thanks,
>> Ryan
> Python Scripting for Computational Science, ISBN 3-540-43508-5. For prices 
> look at:
> http://www3.addall.com/New/submitNew.cgi?query=3-540-43508-5&type=ISBN&location=10000&state=&dispCurr=USD
> A good book, although the author thinks that Tkinter is a reasonable GUI.
> - BOB

I would like to second Bob's recommendation. I have been using this book 
for learning Python. I get a lot more out of it than a lot of other 
python books because it is scientifically oriented. It seems a lot of 
Python books I pick up at the library are more for web or programming 
applications. It has a fair amount of info on using numarray (or scipy 
or Numeric) to speed up computationally intensive code. I also find the 
examples are much easier for me to learn by because I understand more of 
what the code is trying to achieve.
That said, I agree that the Gui part isn't very interesting to me. I 
would rather try wxpython or pygtk. It is also nice to have gone through 
a quick tutorial online or something because it does assume some basic 
programming knowledge. Anyway, that's my $0.02

-Jordn Mantha

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