[SciPy-user] Multiple versions of functions ?

Gary pajer at iname.com
Mon Nov 21 10:58:56 CST 2005

Just starting to explore new scipy core.

I'm seeing different versions of the same function.  I've seen this 
before, but I never bothered about it given that I had Numeric, and then 
scipy duplicating some of the functionality of Numeric.  But now I'm 
wondering what's up.

scipy.exp and scipy.special.exp appear to be different.  At least their 
representations and doc strings are.  No big deal, but why two versions?

scipy.ifft  returns a ndarray but
scipy.fftpack.ifft  returns an old fashioned Numeric array (if I'm not 

Is there some reason?  or will all this kind of stuff eventually go away?

is one version preferable?   (since I want ndarray objects, I don't see 
any use for scipy.fftpack.ifft)
I suppose the "non-preferred" versions might be deprecated, or used 
behind the scenes somewhere.
if so, is there some way of figuring out which is the preferred version 
(other than trying it out.  In other words, does the hierarchical 
structrure tell me somehow which is the prefered function?)


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