[SciPy-user] Multiple versions of functions ?

Gary pajer at iname.com
Mon Nov 21 21:17:49 CST 2005

Travis Oliphant wrote:

>>I finally took a peek at scipy.org, and found a little enlightenment.  
>>Sorry about the noise
>>I wiped out everything scipy from site-packages (renamed, actually)
>>Installed scipy core from the Windows installer on sf.net
>>Then compiled/installed scipy from svn as above.
>>Upon import scipy, python crashes with a "do you want to send an error 
>>report" window.
>>I'm still using python 2.3.   Could that be it?
>O.K. just a minute.  Previously you said you installed scipy_core from 
>svn.  Now, you say you download a binary version of scipy_core and then 
>install the same thing again?
Is that what I did?

I looked at the www.scipy.org front page.  It says

"*This site does not reflect the rapid growth of scipy that has taken 
place while a new core scipy array object has been built to replace 
Numeric.* This link <http://numeric.scipy.org> provides more information 
on where to get the new scipy core.

A version of scipy that works on newcore is available for anyonymous 
check out from a subversion repostitory at 

Where "this link" points to sf.net.   One can interpret this as:  The 
new SciPy Core is on sf.net.  If you want a full version of SciPy that 
works with it, then get that part from svn.../scipy/trunk.  

So are you saying that sf.net and svn both contain only SciPy Core (but 
different versions)?  No, that can't be right.  When I installed *only* 
the svn version, there was no scipy.special.  When I subsequently 
installed the sf.net version, scipy.special was installed. 

But wait ... maybe I should install the older sf.net first, then the 
newer svn version afterwards...let me try that.

No.  Still crashes, with the words "Importing cluster to scipy".  I must 
have something else wrong, a mising prereq or something.

Recall that the svn version works fine all by itself.  Let me try the 
sf.net version *only* (wiping site-packages and starting clean)....   
Hmmm, in this case "import scipy" reports "no module scipy". scipy is in 
the file system.  There is no __init__.py  in the scipy directory.

I'm using the Windows installer scipy-0.4.3.win32-py2.3.exe

Another thought ... when I say "svn" I mean 
*http://svn.scipy.org/svn/scipy/trunk .   Is there another component 
available via svn that I'm not aware of?

thanks for your patience,

>Python 2.3 should work fine.
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