[SciPy-user] is scipy OK for my needs?

Ryan Krauss ryanlists at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 10:47:57 CST 2005

The author of matplotlib is a ubuntu users, which is a debian
derivative.  His name is John Hunter and he had mentioned the
following in a previous scipy post:
For the standard matplotlib package, add these lines to your

 deb http://anakonda.altervista.org/debian packages/
 deb-src http://anakonda.altervista.org/debian sources/

and then run:

 > sudo apt-get update
 > sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib python-matplotlib-doc

These are all professional debian packages and most of them are a
little out of date.

If you like to live on the bleeding edge, you can use my poor man's
Ubuntu Hoary packages (I've been told they also work for Breezy) which
have matplotlib 0.84, ipython-0.6.16.cvs and scipy 3.3.304.4617.  You
need to enable universe and multiverse in /etc/apt/sources.list and
then add

deb http://peds-pc311.bsd.uchicago.edu binary/

If you already have scipy working, installing matplotlib from source
is pretty simple.  Download the tarball from the matplotlib page,
unzip it and do:
sudo python setup.py install

The only catch is that it depends on many of the gui development
packages to make the different gui renders.  So, you need to install
gnome-dev, GTK2-dev and Tk Tcl dev and so on.


On 11/28/05, massimo sandal <massimo.sandal at unibo.it> wrote:
> Ryan Krauss wrote:
> > I think all of this can work.
> Thank you for your answer. I was also thinking about non linear filters.
> I saw there's something about them in the documentation, I'd like to
> know how good and user friendly they are.
> I also noticed (and tested) that scipy has basic .mat compatibility,
> that would be great  for interoperability with my old data :).
> > For the most part, plotting is best handled by matplotlib:
> > http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/
> > I don't know if your specific needs about clicking on data points is
> > possible out-of-the-box, but you could probably add this capability by
> > creating your own wxPython graph panel.  Matplotlib has a very active
> > mailing list, you should ask the graph related part of your question
> > there.
> Matplotlib seems good.
> I'm struggling to find a debian package for it...
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