[SciPy-user] FFTPack problems on OSX

Rob Managan managan at llnl.gov
Mon Nov 28 12:11:28 CST 2005

After updating to the latest svn sources (core revision 1534, scipy 
revision 1460) I am getting failures in the fftpack section (10 in 
all). Is anyone else seeing this?

The first failure reported is given here.

FAIL: check_definition (scipy.fftpack.pseudo_diffs.test_pseudo_diffs.test_diff)
Traceback (most recent call last):
line 89, in check_definition
line 758, in assert_array_almost_equal
     assert cond,\
Arrays are not almost equal (mismatch 87.5%):
         Array 1: [ -6.3519652e-15  -3.8268343e-01  -7.0710678e-01 
   -1.0000000e+00  -9.2387953e-01  -7.0710678e-01  -3.82...
         Array 2: [ -7.3854931e-15   6.5259351e-15  -2.4942634e-15 
    1.4745663e-15  -1.9133685e-15   2.2804788e-16   8.70...

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