[SciPy-user] Chaco & wxWindows

Bas van Dijk basvandijk at home.nl
Tue Nov 29 12:29:15 CST 2005

> It is relatively easy to embed a Chaco plot into a WX panel: 
> ... 

Thanks Peter, that looks easy indeed!

> Is there anything you want the user to be able to change about the plot,
> once it's displayed?

The user should be able to zoom in and out and scroll over the plot 
(Preferably by using the +,- and arrow keys).

It would also be nice if the user can change other things like the scale of 
the axes and maybe also the axes titles. But I already read in the excellent 
Chaco tutorial how to do that.

Another question I have is if the Chaco plots can be used in an interactive 
manner? The application I developed is a logging program. It connects to a 
scientific instrument and starts plotting the values it receives.

The reason I want to use another plotting package (I'm now using scipy.plt) is 
that scipy.plt doesn't do double buffering. So when a new value comes in, the 
screen flickers when it is plotted.

Do you know if Chaco can solve this problem?


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