[SciPy-user] plotting with gplt

Daniel R. Rohr drohr at few.vu.nl
Wed Oct 5 04:45:16 CDT 2005

Hi list

  I'm trying to plot some of my data. e.g. like this

 >>> import scipy
 >>> a = [0,1,2,3]
 >>> b = [[0,1,2,3],[1,2,3,4],[2,3,4,5]]
 >>> scipy.gplt.plot(a,scipy.transpose(b))

Then I get three lines in different colors. Now I'd like to name these 
graphs and maybe change the colors. Also I'd like to change the range of 
the x- and y-axis. Basically I'd like to use all the features of gnuplot 
with this python interface.
I couldn't find a documentation on this and looking in the source code 
didn't help me at all.

Does anyone know a good tutorial, documentation or can help me with this?



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