[SciPy-user] Help compiling Scipy on Fedora Core 4

Stephen Walton stephen.walton at csun.edu
Thu Oct 6 13:30:45 CDT 2005

Richard Muller wrote:

>I get the following error when building Scipy. Can anyone suggest a 
I've built Scipy on Fedora Core 4 and never saw this error.  What 
version of SciPy are you building?  Last CVS release?  Latest SVN?

Also, are you aware of the earlier discussion, which may have been on 
SciPy-dev, that gfortran as shipped with FC4 does not compile SciPy 
correctly?  The bug involved is fixed in gcc 4.0.2, currently in Fedora 
"development."  This means it may or may not get shipped as an update to 
FC4 but will be in FC5.

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