[SciPy-user] Help compiling Scipy on Fedora Core 4

Richard Muller rmuller at sandia.gov
Thu Oct 6 13:41:26 CDT 2005

Stephen Walton wrote:
> Richard Muller wrote:
>>I get the following error when building Scipy. Can anyone suggest a 
> I've built Scipy on Fedora Core 4 and never saw this error.  What 
> version of SciPy are you building?  Last CVS release?  Latest SVN?

Scipy 0.3.2. Would it help if I used the CVS release?

> Also, are you aware of the earlier discussion, which may have been on 
> SciPy-dev, that gfortran as shipped with FC4 does not compile SciPy 
> correctly?  The bug involved is fixed in gcc 4.0.2, currently in Fedora 
> "development."  This means it may or may not get shipped as an update to 
> FC4 but will be in FC5.

No, I wasn't aware of the discussion. Thanks for pointing it out.

However, my build is dying on a gcc compile, so I don't know if that 
alone explains it.

Maybe I should ask a different question. Right now I really just want 
scipy_base and scipy.optimize. Can anyone suggest a minimal set of 
targets I can build, or, more to the point, a maximal set of 
"ignore_packages" for my setup.py file?

Thanks in advance.


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