[SciPy-user] scipy_distutils and f2py_options

Michael P Friedlander mpf at cs.ubc.ca
Tue Oct 11 02:03:23 CDT 2005

Hi Folks.

I see how the Extension class argument f2py_options can be used to  
pass extra arguments to the f2py module.  But it seems that only the  
first set of optional arguments to

       f2py [<options>] <fortran files> [[[only:]||[skip:]] \
                                         <fortran functions> ] \
                                        [: <fortran files> ...]

can be set using f2py_options.  Is there an Extension class argument  
that will let me set the optional arguments that go *after* <fortran  
files>?  I would like to specify a list of subroutines that should be  

What I'm really after is to use scipy_distutils to compile and link a  
Fortran package and a hand-tailored extension module for that  
package.  We'd like to use scipy_distutils to do all the compilation  
and linking, but not create the module.

Thanks for the help!

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