[SciPy-user] Guide not listed under documentation

Janet M. Swisher swisher at enthought.com
Tue Oct 11 12:58:56 CDT 2005

Alan G Isaac wrote:

>I was just trying to refer someone to Travis's Guide and 
>discovered it is not listed under documentation
>I also could not find it with a site search.
>Finally I noticed
>is on the first page of my copy, but his won't
>help someone seeking to purchase a copy!
>I believe it should be listed under documentation,
>perhaps in a separate category.  As far as I can
>tell, I cannot edit this page
>or I'd add it myself.
Thanks for the reminder. I changed the "Documentation" sub-heading to 
"Free Documentation", and added a sub-heading for "Fee-Based 
Documentation, with a bullet for Travis's book.

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