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Howey, David A d.howey at imperial.ac.uk
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Get hold of 'Learning Python' by Lutz, published by O'Reilly. I find it indispensible. 3 days sitting reading that cover to cover and I felt much more confident with python. Then read the ipython and numeric user guides.


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thank a lot to Alan G Isaac and Fernando Perez
yours responses exactly anwser my questions and my poor knowledge in python!

But I still have a conceptual problem of how to work interactively !
How to do when I edit my source2.py when debugging and run again source1.

execfile can be used instead off run but not instead off from ... import  *

In my case, using module.name is not a way, otherwise the code will be to heavy to read.

How do people comming from matlab world ?

Samuel Garcia

Fernando Perez a écrit : 

	Alan G Isaac wrote:

		On Thu, 13 Oct 2005, Fernando Perez apparently wrote: 

			Finally, the 'from s2 import *' idiom breaks all this, I think. You can try 
			this, but I'm not sure it works (I think it doesn't): 

		The docs say:
		        If a module imports objects from another module 
		        using from  ... import ..., calling reload() for the 
		        other module does not redefine the objects imported 
		        from it -- one way around this is to re-execute the 
		        from statement, another is to use import and 
		        qualified names (module.name) instead.

	Thanks, that's what I vaguely remembered.  One more reason not to use 'import 

		In any case, maybe the OP could just use execfile:

	Yes, the only problem with this is that execfile requires a full path, so it's 
	a bit less convenient than import.  But while developing/debugging, it can do 
	the trick.
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