[SciPy-user] mat file problem in linux

Ryan Krauss ryanlists at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 16:06:06 CDT 2005

I am pretty sure that it is the unmodified one that ipython installs. 
Here is the contents:
# load our basic configuration with generic options
include ipythonrc

# import ...
# Load SciPy by itself so that 'help scipy' works
import_mod scipy

# from ... import ...

# Now we load all of SciPy
# from ... import *
import_all scipy IPython.numutils

# code
execute print 'Welcome to the SciPy Scientific Computing Environment.'
execute scipy.alter_numeric()

# File with alternate printer system for Numeric Arrays.
# Files in the 'Extensions' directory will be found by IPython automatically
# (otherwise give the explicit path):
execfile Extensions/numeric_formats.py

Is the multiple step import doing somethings smarter than just import scipy?

On 10/14/05, Fernando Perez <Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu> wrote:
> Ryan Krauss wrote:
> > I do have one ipython question that came up while trying to run my
> > code: I found the command "ipython -pylab -p scipy" in my in my bash
> > history.  If I use that to start ipython, my code runs fine.  If I
> > leave off the -p scipy flag I get another problem with the *.mat file:
> > What does the -p scipy command line argument do?  (I must have found
> > it somewhere but haven't been able to find it using google).  And why
> > does it save me from the error with the *.mat file?  Both start up
> > methods lead to the same version of scipy being loaded:
> ipython -p foo
> tells ipython to load the foo profile, which is a shorthand for saying "use
> the file ~/.ipython/ipythonrc-foo as your initialization file instead of
> ~/.ipython/ipythonrc".
> Since ipython config files can include one another, profiles typically are
> small extensions to your default config (so you always get the same colors,
> prompts, etc.) which tweak a few things.  Have a look at
> ~/.ipython/ipythonrc-scipy and see what it does that may be changing things
> for you.
> Cheers,
> f
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