[SciPy-user] mat file problem in linux

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Oct 14 16:23:02 CDT 2005

Ryan Krauss wrote:
> OK, that worked.  I started ipython without the -p scipy option and
> then imported scipy and ran the alter_numeric() command.  My code then
> ran correctly just as it did when I started ipython with the -p scipy
> flag.
> What does this mean?

In [3]: import scipy

In [4]: scipy.alter_numeric?
Type:           builtin_function_or_method
Base Class:     <type 'builtin_function_or_method'>
String Form:    <built-in function alter_numeric>
Namespace:      Interactive
     alter_numeric() update the behavior of Numeric objects.

       1. Change coercion rules so that multiplying by a scalar does not upcast.
       2. Add index and mask slicing capability to Numeric arrays.
       3. Add .M attribute to Numeric arrays for returning a Matrix  4. (TODO) 
Speed enhancements.

     This call changes the behavior for ALL Numeric arrays currently defined
       and to be defined in the future.  The old behavior can be restored for ALL
       arrays using numeric_restore().



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