[SciPy-user] begging for binaries

rainman rainman.rocks at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 07:23:32 CDT 2005

Hello scipy-user,

> I know there were/are issues with Python2.4 and distutils that create
> some problems.
  Wonderful. I just posted this a couple of weeks ago, and seems that
  everyone has already forgot.

  To succesfully build SciPy with Python 2.4 under Windows/MinGW, replace file

  According to Travis, this has already been committed to SVN.
  Well, probably some notes should be added to site too?
  Maybe updating http://www.scipy.org/documentation/buildscipywin32.txt
  or including fix in downloadable source package?

Sample binaries (work okay on my Athlon-64 2800+ / Windows XP (32-bit)
SP2 box):

Best regards,
 rainman                          mailto:rainman.rocks at gmail.com

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