[SciPy-user] weave and MSVC .NET 2003

Rolf Wester rolf.wester at ilt.fraunhofer.de
Tue Oct 18 07:51:51 CDT 2005


I would like to use weave under XP with MSVC .NET 2003. My Python/weave
code works under Linux/gcc but when I try it on XP I get the error
message that MSVC Version 6 is needed. It seems that weave (or distutils
?) doesn't find the paths to my MSVC directories and/or that registry
keys are not found. Is ist possible to pass path information to weave?
Is it possible to build Python extensions using weave with MSVC .NET
2003 and is it possible to run this extension on a computer that has no
MSVC installed?

Thank you in advance


Rolf Wester

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