[SciPy-user] gui_thread error

Vlado Balko vbalko at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 12:28:23 CDT 2005

So is there some working example and tutorial for 0.3.2 so I can learn 
myself basics? Only if I will know basics I can experiment with 
nonstandard things.
I`m a little bit dissapointed with SciPy because I`m trying to find and 
learn it (and install it) for at least a week and still no success. I 
found it very interesting tool for my graduate work, but the troubles at 
the beginning are very demotivating.


Fernando Perez wrote:

>Vlado Balko wrote:
>>I installed SciPy 0.3.2 on Python 2.4 from binaries compiled for 2.4 (I 
>>found it here in mailing list). Then I installed wxPython unicode
>>But when I tried to run this code:
>># set up graphics capabilities and import scipy into the workspace
>>import gui_thread
>>from scipy import *
>># create the curve values.
>>a = arange(pi,2*pi,.01)
>>b = sin(a)
>># also find find the function minimum on the same range
>>x = optimize.fminbound(sin,pi,2*pi)
>Please note that scipy is undergoing a major reorganization, and in the 
>process, the plt module has been deprecated and slated for removal.  I suggest 
>you look into using matplotlib for your plotting needs:
>More plotting links can be found here:
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