[SciPy-user] gui_thread error

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Wed Oct 19 13:38:14 CDT 2005

Vlado Balko wrote:

>So is there some working example and tutorial for 0.3.2 so I can learn 
>myself basics? Only if I will know basics I can experiment with 
>nonstandard things.
>I`m a little bit dissapointed with SciPy because I`m trying to find and 
>learn it (and install it) for at least a week and still no success. I 
>found it very interesting tool for my graduate work, but the troubles at 
>the beginning are very demotivating.
I'm sorry for your trouble.  The problem is that you are trying to learn 
SciPy during a time of large changes.  The core library that SciPy uses 
has been changed and a lot of developer time is being spent on fixing 
scipy to use the new core library.

Thus, most of the developers are leaving 0.3.2, and problems are not 
getting fixed.  

A few pointers:

-gui_thread is not being maintained so I would not try using it. 

A better solution is to use xplt or to download matplotlib and use it 
for plotting.

The scipy tutorial available at www.scipy.org is still valid for 0.3.2, 
I would look at that first.  

Good luck.


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