[SciPy-user] [newbie] array cloning with new size

Mauro Cherubini martigan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 06:19:35 CDT 2005

Dear All,

sorry for the silly question, but I am struggling with the following  
I have to clone a 2D array into another 2D array with an extra empty  
line. Then I want to copy the first line of the array into the empty  
last line of the array.

I tried a couple of things to get it sorted but none of them worked.  
The last attempt is reported below (my matrix has three columns),  
where I used the resize() function, which throws back this error from  
   File "/Users/mauro/Documents/workspace/tag-wai/ 
TagsNetworkMaker.py", line 52, in matrix_preparator
     new_matrix = resize(datamatrix, [lato +1, 3])
   File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.3/lib/ 
python2.3/site-packages/scipy/base/oldnumeric.py", line 196, in resize
     total_size = up.multiply.reduce(new_shape)
NameError: global name 'up' is not defined

By the way, can anyone explain me how to slice and assign a submatrix  
from the original matrix? I tried this syntax with no luck:
new_matrix[: lato, :] = datamatrix[:, :]

Thanks a lot in advance for your hints



     # the following method should prepare the matrix for the  
processing. In fact, we need to have a poligon set of points
     # which is by definition closed so the first point should be  
added into the matrix as last point
     def matrix_preparator(self, datamatrix):
         # first we find the number of points in the matrix
         lato = datamatrix.shape[0]
         # if the matrix contains only one row then it exit
         if lato > 1:
             # now we create a new matrix with an extra line
             new_matrix = resize(datamatrix, [lato +1, 3])
             print new_matrix
             # here we clone the first point to the last line
             new_matrix[lato + 1, :] = datamatrix[0, :]
             # now the matrix is ready for processing
             return new_matrix;
             return datamatrix;

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