[SciPy-user] plotting from within a wxPython app

Grant Edwards grante at visi.com
Tue Oct 25 12:13:03 CDT 2005

On 2005-10-25, Paul Casteels <Paul.Casteels at ua.ac.be> wrote:
>> On 2005-10-25, mike cantor <mcantor at stanford.edu> wrote:
>>>I am writing a GUI using wxPython to manipulate and run an
>>>ODE-based model.  What is the best way to embed a plot in the
>> This is just one guy's opinion, but I think the best way to
>> embed a plot into an application is not to.  After working on
>> several wxPython based programs that do plotting, I've decied
>> that I really prefer using Gnuplot to generate a separate plot
>> window. 
>> The user can hide the plot window while working on the data or
>> settings.  Once the plot does what the user wants, they can
>> show/maximize the plot window and not have any screen space
>> wasted by widgets.
> I once used DISLIN ( http://www.mps.mpg.de/dislin/, a very
> nice plotting library and free for Python users ) in a
> wxPython application and experienced similar problems.

Huh?  What problems?

> Putting the plotting code in a separate thread did the trick.
> wxPython seems quite picky with 'foreign' libraries : with a
> NI USB data acquisition library I had similar problems and
> solved them in the same way.

I wasn't aware I was having any problems with gnuplot.

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